“As a catalyst for self-development, The Learning Company empowers individuals and organizations to maximize their potential by providing meaningful, client-centric experiences and innovative solutions.”


The Learning Company is a high quality, accessible and community focused centre for lifelong learning. Responding to the professional needs of businesses, organizations, institutions and individuals, the Learning Company specializes in cutting edge technologically, advanced training programs and skill development workshops.


The Learning Company is based out of Brandon, Manitoba, conveniently located in The Town Centre at 800 Rosser Avenue, in the heart of the city’s business community. Established in 1996, (originally known as Productivity Point International) the foundation of The Learning Company was built by delivering technological support and training to business through functional computer courses and seminars.


We have succeeded in drawing nationally renowned technical programs from Microsoft and vocational programs from Robertson College to The Learning Company facility. By housing two learning institutions under one roof, The Learning Company is able to provide the bridge between business and technology, while providing a unique learning experience to our clients.


The Learning Company has also become experienced in administering workshops appealing to those in business that are committed to lifelong learning and skill development. Our unique ability to custom design programs to meet the individual needs of various organizations sets us apart from traditional educational institutions in Manitoba.


We make sure to match our facilitators with the right development material for your needs, which enables us to offer a variety of programs customized for our clients. Our experienced trainers are prepared to deliver courses at our office in downtown Brandon, or can deliver them on-site at your business or in your community.


Discuss your professional development goals with us today. By working with our excellent facilitators, we are confident that we can develop an appropriate strategy to meet your needs!


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